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We have a valued board of trustees who meet regularly, they are responsible for a range of decisions that impact Herefordshire Vision Links. 

Client and Member Reviews

"Essential to have local support for people with sight problems."

"Vision Links has provided support and advice which has been very useful and empowering."

"There is always valuable advice at Vision Links for those with sight impairment."

"Vision Links is a friendly, helpful place/community."

"The gentleman who came to visit me was very helpful and friendly."

"Vision Links is a helpful and friendly service, which is vital to people living with sight loss or partial vision."

"Very supportive and friendly people, i'm so lucky and grateful that I had the pleasure to meet them."

"Very helpful"

"Vision Links has helped me to get products."

"Vision Links provides a valuable service to visually impaired people in Herefordshire."

"I fully appreciate the help I receive and have received from Vision Links in the past."

"Friendly and helpful staff."

"It is good to know there is a contact place."

"Well done Vision Links - There for the blind and partially sighted in Herefordshire."

"We have Vision Links very useful with advice when buying sunglasses and a strip reading light. A website would be useful as we find it difficult to travel to Hereford."

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