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Here at Herefordshire Vision Links we stock a wide variety of different aids designed to help those with a visual impairment. Below are the items that we often have in stock, if it is not shown below we may still have it or we may be able to order it in for you. If you are after some equipment, come in and see us and we'll see if we can find the right aid for you. 

Talking Watches

This image shows a talking watch with a leather strap and analog face.
This image shows 10 talking watches, there is a mix of bracelet, leather and plastic straps. All ofthe watches have analog faces.
This image shows a talking watch with a bracelet strap and analog face.

A Wide Range of Magnifiers

This image shos a closer look at 3 of the Eschenbach LED magnifiers.
This image shows a range of Eschenbach LED magnifiers ranging from 3.5x to 12.5x magnification.
Thisimage shows a wide range of magnification equipment, both for cloe up and distance magnification. It includes LED magnifiers, non LED magnifiers, MaxTV glasses, dome magnifiers and monoculars.
This image shows a selection of Eschenbach non LED magnifers 3.5x to 7x magnificaton.

A range of different kitchen aids such as; talking thermometers, liquid level indicators, talking weighing scales and so on

This image shows a talking measuring jug.
This image shows a Cobolt talking kichen scale.
This image shows an RNIB talking kitchen scale with easy to see measuring jug.
This image shows a talking kitchen probe. Designed forchecking the temperature ofmeats and such.
This image shows a selectio of liquid level indicators. There are a red and yellow one of similar size which is the standard size and one yellow one that is longer.

Symbol canes, long canes, walking sticks and a selection of replacement cane tips.

Image shows a long cane leaning against a door.
Image shows a folding walking stick leanign against a door.
Image shows a folded up symbol cane.
Image shows four different cane tip types; a large roller ball, a small roller tip, a pencil tip and a mushroom tip.

Sunglasses with a variety of different tinted lenses.

Image shows a display rack that holds 6 different overshield glasses with a variety of tints including; orange, amber, grey and yellow.

Desk and Floor Lamps

This second desk lamp image shows it fully unfolded.
These 4 images all show the same folding LED desk lamp in various states. This first one shows it closed.
This third image of the desk lamp shows it partially unfolded.
This fourth image of te desk lamp shows its box which provides some minor description on the product.

Large Print Home Phones and Mobile Phones

Image shows a demo only home phone. It is large print and cordless.

Talking Stereos both Household and Portable

This image shows the sovereign player a large portable USB speaker popular with those who listen to talking books.
This image shows the sovereign player, and in front of it its smaller equivelant the sonic portable USB speaker.

Large Print Universal TV Remotes

Image shows a simple universal TV remote. It has a total of 7 buttions; on, off, volume up, volume down, channel next, chnnel previous and AV.

We get our products from the RNIB and other organisations that make equipment specially for the sight impaired and are able to order from them if we do not have something you require. 

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