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We offer four primary services and these are; Rehabilitation and Mobility, Home Visiting, Hospital Information and a Resource Centre.

Rehabilitation and Mobility 

We receive referrals both from the hospital and from individuals regarding people who have recently been diagnosed with a sight condition or have suffered a deterioration with their vision due to an already known condition. We then contact these people and offer rehabilitation in order to help them come to terms and adjust to living with sight loss, as part of this we provide mobility training. All of this is with the aim of helping them to be independent and not have to live in isolation. 

Home Visiting Service

Our trained volunteers visit visually impaired people in their homes for companionship and support. They can read the post, fill in forms and take people to appointments. A short shopping trip and a stop for a cup of tea is a real treat for someone who feels isolated at home for long periods. Our volunteers also provide links to many other helpful agencies and services. 

Hospital information Service

Diagnosis of sight loss can be a devastating experience. Our trained volunteers at the Victoria Eye Unit in Hereford are on hand to give immediate support and information. They also offer a link to other Herefordshire Vision Links services which are available to help maintain independence. Also the Herefordshire and Powys Eye Care Liaison Officer who works for RNIB is based in the Victoria Eye Unit. 

Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre is a one stop shop where we offer individual assessments whilst discussing your particular needs. We demonstrate useful aids and equipment that may help to maintain independence such as magnifiers, large print devices, a range of talking devices, writing aids and scanners that display large print on TV screens to name a few.

We are agents for the British Wireless for the Blind Fund.  

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